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Berberine+ Glucodefense (360 Tablets)

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Berberine+ Glucodefense (360 Tablets) “I have used Berberine for about 6 weeks now and the results are amazing. I have not had results like these from anything the doctor had me on. I am telling everyone I know about Berberine.”*  — Linda D. “Berberine is GREAT!! I am so glad that I tried it.  My blood sugar is very good and I have told a lot of people to try it. I have sent a lot of people my emails from you and have given out my catalogs, hoping to inform people.”* — Ken B. Berberine+ GlucoDefense takes the power of Berberine and kicks it up a notch—adding the renowned ingredients cinnamon and chromium! My new Berberine+ GlucoDefense is an advanced version of my best-selling Berberine, containing a combination of ingredients in the dosages shown in clinical studies to support fasting blood glucose and A1C levels, and normal triglyceride and cholesterol levels. The research also shows that when berberine and cinnamon are combined, bioavailability and potency of berberine increases! By combining berberine, cinnamon, and chromium all together in one supplement, I’ve developed my ultimate secret weapon in the blood sugar battle. In fact, given the dramatic results my patients have seen with Berberine, plus the ever-growing body of clinical research, Berberine+ GlucoDefense is now one of my top recommendations for blood sugar support. What’s more, instead of concocting their own “formulas,” my patients—and now all my customers—have an effective, all-in-one supplement ready to go! Why did I combine berberine and cinnamon? Traditional Chinese medicine holds the key. Long before “modern” medicine, traditional Chinese doctors applied their wisdom to naturally treat many ailments. One of their specialties was combining herbs that worked better when taken together than taken individually—which included berberine and cinnamon to treat blood sugar and related conditions.

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