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Krill Oil by Mercola - 60 Capsules

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Krill Oil by Mercola - 60 Capsules Take Your Wellbeing to New Levels New and Improved Krill Oil is jam-packed with antioxidant power, including the antioxidant vitamins A and E, plus astaxanthin and canthaxanthin.Astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid-type of antioxidant that is even more powerful than beta-carotene, alpha-tocopherol, lycopene and lutein.New and Improved Krill Oil also contains a newly-discovered flavonoid with a novel molecular structure. You've probably heard that flavonoids are powerful antioxidants. Surprisingly, before now, they had not been found in anything except plants -- vegetables, fruits and algae.Astaxanthin and this unique marine-source flavonoid in New and Improved Krill Oil create a special bond with the EPA and DHA, allowing direct metabolism of the antioxidants. So here's what's in store for you: A rich source of omega-3s with DHA and EPA -- along with protective antioxidants and phospholipids -- that promote your health Caplique style packaging that improves bioavailability and avoids potential allergenic ingredients High quality standards that give you total peace of mindReady to see for yourself how your health and quality of life can prosper to new levels?You may be wondering how much Antarctic Pure Krill Oil you need ... and what kind of investment is involved.Actually, the amount you need depends largely on your personal health needs. But just two Capliques of this natural supplement with your first meal every day supports you with a bountiful assortment of health-boosting ingredients ...and absolutely NO TRANS-FAT!Although the fat-soluble vitamins in New and Improved Krill Oil are best absorbed with food, the phospholipid content assists the emulsification and absorption of fat, so taking it with food is not essential.

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